2015 is the New 1981

Marvel-Calendar-1981-CoverHappy New Year, Everybody! Tune into MTV ’cause 1981 is here again.

Well…kinda. See, calendars repeat from time to time. During a 28 year cycle a year will start on the same day of the week as previous years 3 times (If your interest is piqued, read more about it here). 2015 shares the same calendar with 2009, 1987, 1981, 1970, 1959, etc.

Cartoonist Mark Anderson is bringing back a bit of the 1980’s by graciously creating and sharing twelve desktop wallpaper calendars from the Mighty Marvel Calendar for 1981.

Visit his blog and add a little gnarly to your desktop. (Remember to save your wallpapers in a safe place so you can use them again in 2026.)

And here is the back cover…