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More Part-Time Jobs for Superheroes

Ever wonder what the world’s mightiest heroes have to do to make ends meet? I sure have…
…and so has Chow Hon Lam. Chow has a few fantastic ideas on the jobs which our favorite superheroes (and supervillains) might resort to keep the lights on. Check out his fantastic illustrations on …

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Kerry Callen’s Amazing Animated Comic Book Covers

Sometimes I find something so cool that I have to share it with the world. Kerry Callen’s amazing animated comic book covers certainly fit that bill. He’s a fantastic comic book artist whose work has a Golden Age sensibility while still being funny and undeniably modern. His animated covers are …

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Graphicly Abandons Digital Comics Distribution for eBooks Distribution

Digital Comics Distributor Graphicly announced to Comics Alliance that it is changing it’s business model. Effective immediately Graphicly will cease selling digital comics for the proprietary Graphicly app and focus on their Digital Distribution Platform, which puts comics — and other media — in the iBookstore, Kindle store, Nook store, …

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Fan-Made Avengers Trailer Using 1960s Marvel Cartoons

A nice marriage of the Marvel Superhero Cartoons of the 1960s and the trailer for 2012’s Avengers Assemble film. My only complaint (more of a nitpick) is the 1990’s Nick Fury clips. This particular nit can’t be picked, though, since Director Fury didn’t appear in any of the ’60s Marvel cartoons. All in all, very cool.

Watch the Real Trailer on YouTube

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