Graphicly Abandons Digital Comics Distribution for eBooks Distribution

Skullkickers #1Digital Comics Distributor Graphicly announced to Comics Alliance that it is changing it’s business model. Effective immediately Graphicly will cease selling digital comics for the proprietary Graphicly app and focus on their Digital Distribution Platform, which puts comics — and other media — in the iBookstore, Kindle store, Nook store, Facebook, and more.

According to the announcement:

The new focus, according to Graphicly, is to enable publishers to sell books in digital bookstores, and connect with their customers in a more direct manner, rather than selling books inside their own app. You don’t have to search for Graphicly and then a comic; instead, you just search for that comic in the bookstore and it shows up. It removes a layer of difficulty from the process of purchasing digital comics.

Comics Alliance

Will DC, Marvel and other comics publishers follow suit? Whether they will or not I can’t say, but I have no doubt that they should. The rejuvenation of the American Comic Book industry lies in expanding the readership of comics in new demographics. Exploiting the existing and successful outlets that people already use will be the key to success for the industry as a whole rather than the proliferation of propreitary digital comics distribution apps.