I’m a Grown Man, but I Bought This…USS Vengeance

Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX posterIt’s no secret that I’m a long-time fan of Star Trek. As a kid (in the bad ol’days before Netflix, DVDs or even VCRs) I would watch our local CBS affiliate’s occasional 24-hour Star Trek marathons with a sense of excitement akin to opening presents on Christmas morning. If any piece of junk had Kirk, Spock or the Enterprise slapped on it, I’d badger my parents endlessly until it became mine!

Now that I’m an adult, not much has changed. I recently went to see Star Trek Into Darkness and the theater was selling a hideously over-priced copy of the black Starfleet command t-shirt seen in the movie. Immediately my 10 year old inner child began his incessant pleading and…long story, short…I now own a black Starfleet command t-shirt (with the logo of the movie theater chain emblazoned on the back, no less).

After the movie, I was at my local Walmart browsing the toy aisles, as I am wont to do, when I spotted a treasure in the Hotwheels aisle. Hotwheels has released a series of toys based on the ships from the new Star Trek franchise. The one that caught my eye was the USS Vengeance, the massive black starship that almost brings Kirk and the Enterprise to a bad end.

The detail on the ship is acceptable for it’s reasonable $14.99 price tag (my father is probably rolling his eyes in Heaven at describing $14.99 for a toy as reasonable). I still hope Playmates will produce a larger scale version of this very cool starship so I can pit it against my Enterprise from the 2009 movie.

But for now, Vengeance is mine…