Why the Raspberry Pi will save the UK

I normally don’t add my comments to links I post, but I felt compelled to write a few words on this one. In Why the Raspberry Pi will Save the UK, Pete Nelson rightfully cites the Industrial Revolution’s beginnings in the UK as a contrast to the sorry state of British manufacture in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Unfortunately, the libertarian in me couldn’t help but notice he forgets that the Industrial Revolution that gave rise to Britain’s greatness did not happen because of government actions of the kind that he advocates to restore Britain’s industrial fortunes.

This is where the Raspberry Pi can save us: it’s now affordable for the government to equip any child in this country with a machine which they could take home with them and play with. Furthermore if the government keeps its promise to stop giving lessons about how to use Microsoft Word and start teaching some decent subjects we will soon have a generation of highly-skilled workers at our fingertips ready to export product to the world.

I applaud the technology and ingenuity that created the Raspberry Pi and Mr. Nelson’s desire to see the industry of his country set right. However, getting the government to “equip” children with a computer and depending on government promises to fix educational problems that it created seems an odd place to pin the hopes for the future.