Hi, I'm Mack.


The Secret Origin of Mack Richardson

The Story ofMack Richardson

Born in Burlington, North Carolina in 1969, I was raised by loving and supportive parents, Mack Sr. and Sylvia. I attended Cummings High School, where by my senior year in 1987 I was the first student in the school's history to take and pass three Advanced Placement Exams (in English, Biology and American History). The college credits won by passing the AP Exams gave me a leg up on my college career at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where I majored in Economics and minored in History. However, my secret passion was computers. My love of computers began in 1985 when my parents gave me the gift which every budding nerd dreamed about…a Macintosh 512K!

I put my new "Fat Mac" to work organizing my other passion: comic books. My Mac came with AppleWorks which included a rudimentary database builder which I used to build an inventory system for my ever growing collection.

Mack Richardson and his best friend, Stubby

Mack & his best friend, Stubby

Little did I know at the time, AppleWorks' database engine would eventually be spun off and evolve into a database platform named FileMaker which would be the catalyst for my transition from computer hobbyist to IT professional.

By 1998 I was working at Volvo Action Service (VAS), a 24-hour support center for Volvo product owners. It was at VAS that I was reunited with FileMaker. A critical, but aging, AS400 system was being decommissioned by Volvo but VAS did not have an immediate replacement. The task fell to me to develop a new tool to keep the operation running smoothly. Within 30 days, I developed and deployed the Emergency Management System (EMS) with all the features of the system it was replacing…and then some! EMS continued to be expanded and developed as VAS' requirements grew.

While I was focusing on database design and development, the internet was changing the world…and would change my life. Like my work with databases, my beginnings in web design grew out of a problem in need of a solution. The website for VAS had grown laughably out of date and my boss asked if I could replace it with a new design? I said, "Sure" … and dove head first into the HTML pool. That site redesign was the beginning of a love for web design and development that's still going strong.

“Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.”

Intrigued? Want to know more? Here are other corners of the web where I work and play.

Mack Richardson's Superpowers Collection

“Look! Up in the sky!”

It takes more than just skill to bring websites and apps from idea to reality. It takes a full array of Super Powers! Since I haven't been bitten by a radioactive spider (yet!), I got my Super Powers from years of hard work and experience.

Super Genius

Iron Mack - Mk II

Smarter than a whole room of fifth graders! Can always be found in the lab fiddling with the latest web development and database toys!


The Uncanny X-Macks

Sometimes you need a team to get the job done. Good thing playing well with others was taught in kindergarten.

Super Hearing


Sometimes the thing being said isn't all there is to say. Super-hearing let's you hear everything...even what isn't being said.


BatMack (1989)

Unplanned features. Unrealistic deadlines. Irritating bugs. They have to be sniffed out, tracked down and brought to justice.


Flash - The Fastest Mack Alive

I feel the need...the need for SPEED! In web design and app development, getting it done slow just doesn't make any sense.


Professor Mack

Sometimes it's not enough to hear what isn't being said. You have to read their mind and do what they don't know needs to be done.